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Marriage record without knowing date or place

2020.08.31 19:01 mlaforge64 Marriage record without knowing date or place

I am trying to locate a marriage certificate but do not know the exact location or date. I have names of both parites and aprox time frame but not 100% and all the sites I find require the date. I am pretty sure it took place in Detroit Michigan in 1964.
I have a subscription to but can't find anything.

I appreciate any help I can get.
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2020.08.06 13:40 Banosthakanos What I want to see from Epic in the future - A semi in-depth post of what I think Epic needs to do better - Kind of a Steam vs Epic post.

Before I start I just want to say that English is my 3rd language and there may be many wording mistakes in here, it may also sound like a Steam appreciation post at times, but I figured it’s the best way I can compare and give new recommendations on what I want to see on Epic Games Store.
Greetings, I'm an avid EGS user, I've spent about 280€ on EGS in about 1.5 years of usage around 1 year of that being an "active" user, and 1.799€ on Steam in 7 years of usage, around 5 of those were "active" years. By active I mean years that I was on the store at least a few times a week.
I'm probably going to be comparing a lot of features to Steam's features, so sorry if you hate that, I just figured since it's the most popular store and also the store EGS is "competing" with, we should all look at that.
I've been using EGS a lot more than Steam recently, and I can say I like it, the sales and the coupons are awesome, I like the simplicity, I like the fact that it's curated. Definitely going to be used a lot more from me. I also recommended it to all my gaming friends.
But I do want to give some advice (?) on new things I'd like to see
1st of all, I want to talk about some updates that are coming in the future and are already confirmed
Social Overhaul (Semi-Long)
A better chat is definitely needed, EGS's chat is absolutely one of the worst I've ever seen. It's just an ugly "block" of nothingness: compared to Steam's chat: I know the difference is very small, but EGS's chat looks a lot more bland, and just "depressing" compared to Steam's chat, you also can't post emojis in it, which definitely isn't a big thing, but hey. You can't post files nor screenshots into the chat. I also want that chat windows stack (?) I don't want them to open individual windows eg: this REALLY NEEDS to be addressed and be made to something like Steam chat system: The messaging also feels off (?) in Epic’s chat, almost like there’s like a delay when typing stuff fast, I don’t see it sometimes, but sometimes it’s really noticeable, like literally a 0.5 second delay.
I can also talk about things like having group chat, the system that Steam has for that is also very good. But that, of course, isn't that important as refining general chat.
Voice chat, I would like it personally, but I mean, most of you use Discord anyways, but it's a nice thing to have regardless. Personally I never used much of Steam voice chat, but when I did, it never seemed to be worse than Teamspeak or Discord. This really isn't a "needed" feature, I'm just mentioning it, as having it really doesn't do harm.
I want the minimum size of the friend list window, to be smaller than it is This is the smallest size of EGS friend list vs Steam friend list: I don't want the friends list to take an unnecessary amount of space of my screen every time I open it (Right is EGS, Left is Steam) I also know this isn't a big or even a small thing for many of the people, but it’s just a very very small “cherry picked” thing, that I’ve noticed when playing games and just opening up friend list on both launchers the EGS one is just very bulky.
I could say many, many things about player-profiles, Steam probably has the best custom-profile selection (?) ever. It is true that you need to pay for the stuff to actually make your profile look "good" but 10€ is I think more than enough to customize it. I'm not going to go into this though, as Epic hasn't even implemented a feature like that for EGS, and it's kinda useless to go into depth with this as we haven't even seen Epic's version yet.
A new notification system could also be awesome, Steam has a very good system I guess, I know, again the word Steam, but it's literally the best store I can compare it to, and it's also the one it's competing with. I like the way you can control notifications, add sounds to notifications, disable the sounds yada-yada...
Groups would be nice to have, but are really pointless, custom groups made by the community, Steam has a very huge community for that, basically every Steam user is in at least 1 steam group, whether it’s their country steam group, eg. Germany - Wheter it’s a Steam Group representing an esports organization: or a steam group representing their favorite dog breed, just tons of shit right. This is pretty “pointless” In the grand scheme of things I guess, and it’ll just make Epic Games Store more “bloated” which I know many here don’t like, but I’m just giving the idea out there.
There's more I could talk with social features, but it's just useless until it comes out, this are the main things that I'm looking at here, forums would also be good and stuff, but I mean, they really aren't necessary since there are already so many forums out there and also Reddit.
The reason I just typed all this, is basically, that I don't want to be disappointed with the Social Overhaul, we all know what happened with wishlists, we wanted them for a long time, they released them, I expected them to be at least the level of Steam wishlists, but the wishlist is very feature-less. I know NOT A BIG THING, MANY PEOPLE DON'T EVEN GIVE A DAMN. But still.
Let's just compare Steam wishlist vs Epic wishlist:
Epic's wishlist: You can sort by: items on sale, items recently added, Alphabetical, Price (Low to High, High to Low)
Steam wishlist: All that + Top Selling, Review score, Early Access, VR Only, Pre-Release, Which Operating System, Price (Less than 5€, Less than 10€, Less than Steam Wallet Balance) Discount (On sale, 50% or more, 75% or more) . You can also rank games on Steam wishlist, as in the top game is your most wanted game, and the bottom game is your least wanted game. And look I get it, simplicity, Epic Games' wishlist does a very simple thing, wishlists your games, that's its job, and it does it well, but still, it's crazy how much more stuff Steam's wishlist has over Epic's wishlist, and a small thing like a damn WISH.LIST. I hope the same doesn’t happen with the Social Overhaul.
News Feed (Short)
The next future-development thing on the EGS is newsfeed, great, that's actually awesome! I love that, I actually checked the newsfeed on Steam and Epic very often, so this is great, I just hope it's good! Now, Steam's current newsfeed is decent at best, but they are actually reworking it, which I actually saw just now. This is the old one: as you see it's pretty out-dated looking, but it does it's job, it's kind of the same situation as with Epic Games wishlist. This is the new one: as you see, it looks much more modern and just better than the last one. this isn't actually a "News Feed" I mean it is, but they're turning it into a Steam News Hub, now I do not know what it actually means, but it seems to be more connected/more features (?).
I cannot talk about what I want to change with Epic's news feed, as it's just very basic, It does it's thing, but it's not that great nor that pretty to look at.
What I want from the Improved Epic Games News Feed: - Looking at Steam's new News Hub, it looks very good, way better than EGS current one, improve the look of it, news feed is supposed to look good and pleasurable to look at, the EGS news feed is fine, but it could look better. - All the news are under the same place, that's just awful, looking at EGS news feed, it look incredibly cramped. The store news, the different game news, all under literally 1 place. Steam does this a lot better, you can sort by Steam Official news, Basically Steam updates, you can check Global Game news, this is top news from the biggest games on Steam. You can search by game news exclusively, there's a search bar that you can type in any game you want, and you can see that game's news feed, and you also have a "Your News" tab which is basically the news from all the games you own. - Reminders, okay so Steam has this, developers can announce events on Steam's news hub, and you can set a reminder (Think, Twitter's reminders) you can set the reminder to send you notification via phone, via email or put it in your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar automatically, this is especially cool, if you're waiting for an update for a game, you can set a reminder and it reminds you through your email, phone, calendar or all of them at once, this would be a really cool addition to Epic Games news feed.
I can't say more than that, since Steam's news hub remake is still probably well off being released to the public as it's still in the experimenting phase, and Epic’s news feed is also being improved in the future, so we’ll see.
Now, I'm again sorry for doing this Steam vs EGS, but as I said, it's the best comparison I can do, I've tried to ignore it with each comparison, but I've just figured that comparing the two is the best advice I or anybody can give.
What I would like for Epic Games to implement:
A feature, which lets us test new features they are working on before they're released to the public Again, Steam has a very good feature with that, it's called Steam Labs: What does it do? It let's Steam Users which are in a Steam Group called Steam Labs test new Steam features the developers are working on, before they come out to the PUBLIC, it's crazy that Steam, a 16 year old store has this, but Epic Games Store, a 1.5 year old store, doesn't have that, it seems mandatory.
Better VR support, right now to play VR games on EGS, you need to launch an ANOTHER STORE/LAUNCHER for it to work, it can be the oculus VR launcher, or SteamVR. This is pretty self-explanatory.
Better library, this one is decent at best
We need better sorting, like we really do, especially as there’s just so many free games given out. Right now you can literally just sort it by alphabetical or recent, and filter it by all and installed. that is probably the most awful thing I’ve ever seen.
I’ll again do the Steam comparison, because believe it or not, it does library the best. Okay so Steam has all that plus: Filtering by genre example: Filter by Action, Racing, RPG, Strategy, Simulation etc. it has filtering by features example: Game includes Steam mod support, Achievements, Trading cards….. It has filtering by Hardware support example: Controller (Parital, Full) VR. And it has filtering by players example: Single-Player….. You can also filter by store tags, store tags are tags that players give games to describe them, this is not associated with the genre example: filter by: Masterpiece, Female protagonist, remake, remastered, cinematic, for that to work Epic would first need to add store tags, but I don’t see that happening, and like a BUNCH of other shit, but Steam probably has that because there’s just so many games.
I want to be able to group the games under a single category, steam has this feature called “Collections” it lets you make a collection, name it for example “Battle Royale” or “My games I play while eating cheese sticks” and you can add games to those 2 collections, this really improves organizing.
There is also a mini news feed on top of the home part of the library where you can see the news of your games, again, a nice feature, but some may not like it due to it making EGS more bloated.
Steam’s library game pages also have a lot more stuff to look at, for example, when you click on a game in your library you own, you can see that game’s community hub, you can see the screenshots player have taken in that game and uploaded them (also one feature that EGS really needs, screenshots) you can see the game’s developers, the release date, guides, you can go to the game’s forums, to the game’s store page, you can look at all the friends that own that game, the recent updates and more ALL from the library. I would love something like this in Epic Games Library, as the current one really doesn’t show anything, there’s just a launch the game button, and view store page button, and I know many of you love it like that, but I’ll bet a lot of people would like more features in the library.
Better Linux support, currently there’s no Linux support on EGS, and the Linux community is furious.
More store things like recommendations based on the games you played, a curator feature would also be nice, but not really needed.
An UI made just for controllers, think Big Picture mode for Steam.
This is basically it, this are the big things I want to come in the next 3 years.
Thank you so much for reading all of this lol, it may seem like a Steam appreciation post at times, but I really don’t know how to do it otherwise.
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2020.05.18 17:11 terminal_bound Looking for reading / terminology on a specific type of sql query that looks back to find current state at t0 in time filter

I have some queries I've been doing a lot where timeseries rows contain a `state` column. A conceptual analog is an alert table with rows being the alert as is transitions to various other states (and states can go backwards, unfortunately). continuing the analog, if states are open/ack/closed, rows for an alert in chronological order may go from open -> ack -> closed.
The root thing i'm trying to figure out is illustrated by the following example (`t` has been boiled down to timeticks for simplicity).
time state t=0 open t=3 ack t=7 closed o a c 
If I have a query "give me the total t where alarm is open from t=2 to t=5", I need to know at t=2, the current state is in open. I've been solving this looking at latest states for each id/timetick using a sql query, but it's pretty serial (per id/timestamp serial...)
-- snowflake SQL but seems pretty standard SELECT * FROM sensor_readings t1 where ts = ( SELECT MAX(ts) FROM sensor_readings t2 WHERE t1.sensor_id = t2.sensor_id AND ts <= "the timestamp of the datapoint" ); -- and there is an equivalent one that uses parition by that i use. 
In any case, doing this for every unique timetick in a batch is not scalable since this is on data that has a decent velocity (few 100k records every hour). I'd rather it be a request/response cycle type of query if i can help it, but an hourly batch is completely OK. What i'm playing with currently is a join to a table of date stamps to fill in the empty ticks with what datapoint they are so that the ticks look more like:
 o o o a a a a c 
... though i have not benchmarked anything here on large datasets so still getting there.
If there's no special nomenclature, then cool. But I was trying not to re-invent the wheel on this one. Is this a named thing that I can read more best practices about? I've actually ran into a few flavors of this situation so I figured i'd better ask before I go in to deep with the wrong solution.
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2020.03.02 12:11 red_holiday2 I dont want to end up like der Coomer. (Originally poster on r/coomer)

I've been addicted to porn and masturbation for about 11/10 years now. The longest I've ever gone without either was 3 weeks back in the summer. I started looking at porn when i was 10 i think. I was typing in "mega man 10 walkthrough" on google but before i finished google suggested megan fox topless and thats where my addiction started. I never would have masturbated had i never seen porn as thats where i learned about it. I started masturbating when i was close to 11 i think and it was to this girl i liked in the 6th grade. I unfortantly never had the balls to ask her out because i was too busy masturbating instead and she ended up moving the next year. I got into the bad habit of checking her social media everyday and after 10 years i still like her. I did try to call her during those 3 weeks i was porn and masturbation free and she did pick up and long story short i asked if she wanted to catch up and she said to text her later but she never answerd me back, most likely blocked my number afterwards. I feel back into binging on porn and masturbation even more so but i still miss her even to this day. That fall things got worse my one friend fell out a window and died.
I really dont do anything anymore. I use to play my guitar everyday for an hour, play video games with my friends since they are now in different states, read some history books, and excerise at least once a week. Now i dont really do any of that all i do is workfull time come home after a 10hr shift eat, then binge on porn (100+ tabs and that giels social media + other hot girls i went to school with) and jerk off, then shower and go to bed at 11 after wasting time on reddit or something.
I tried to improve myself for years. Ive been trying to quit for 5 years now. I went to school for electro- mechanical tech and work full time now sometimes even 6 days a week. I picked up the guitar 8 years ago paritally to impress that girl but mostly cause i liked it. I use to hangout with friends on the weekends i didnt work as a teenager even though i didnt have more than 4 or 5 friends. Ive always been skinny so ive tried to excerise because im weak. No girl has ever liked me back and maybe it would be different if i wasnt a coomer but at the same time they dated guys who looked at porn and would just fuck girls and move on to the next.
Now im all alone. Work doesnt have anyone that i have anything in common with as the guys near my age are just consoomers and the rest are guys that are 50+ year old coomers it seems for the most part. I still live my parents but im trying to save up for my own house. I just dont know what to do. Im christian but cant find a good church to help me with this addiction and problems.
I know i sound like an incel and i guess technically i am, but at the end of the day i just want to end this addiction and have a wife and have children with her and be a good husband and father. Most days i wake up and pray for my death because im just tired of everything.
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2020.02.07 07:18 cariaga is their a reasonable number of table partition or size or should i use it for convenience after a benchmark?

if have 2 states of "data hot" and "cold Data"
  1. all company share the same schema i only need to update the views of their most recent Hot data
  2. every company shares a single hot table.
  3. the shared Hot table for company can be 200 thousand - 5 million rows data can last between with a life cycle of 7 days to 3 months.
  4. The Hot Data only updates dates but geo computation is needed per transaction
  5. a company manages many customers somewhere 500. data happens in burst one customer will burst 4-5 per second
i could introduce season_Key partition containing dates using the season_Key as also the name of the partition .
i might end up with small partition and big ones. one company will end up 52 partitions by the end of the year that is if a partition is created by a company every 7 days or 4 partition if its created every 3-4 months in a year
so if i have 10 serving companies that would be 520 partitions per year it seams splitting
this should make it fast read,write with the disadvantage of having do to union all if i wanted analytical of all records e.g 520 partition union all mostly i won't
Season_Key seams to be the most convenient in-case i need to throw "really Cold Data" if i want to ignore union all

the pseudo table that i want to partition
the Paritioned will be split by Season_Key Season is shared by any Customer
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2019.07.27 02:21 demunted Zenfone 5Q manual update to Pie procedure from Root/TWRP

The following assumes
If you are willing to proceed:
  1. Do a full backup using ADB (See here: )
    1. adb backup -apk -shared -all -nosystem -f myphonefullbackup.ab
  2. Check and confirm you have a X107D or X107DA - Everything else is probably similar, but dont mix updates across phones.
  3. Check the version of your phone. In my case its a WW version (WorldWide)
  4. Go an download the latest V14 (Nougat) and latest V16 (Pie) version zip files from ASUS (you have to be at the latest Nougat release to upgrade to Pie)
    1. I got mine from here:
  5. It is now tempting to just drag the .zip's to your internal storage, reboot, wait for the OS to show that an update is available and start the process, you can do this but it WONT WORK. It will claim (within TWRP) that the device model doesn't match and stop the update. We need to remove this validation.
  6. Open each zip file with 7-zip and go to META-INF\com\google\android and edit 'updater-script' file with notepad (right click, edit if you use 7-zip)
  7. Remove the line similar to:getprop("") == "WW_Phone" abort("This package is for \"WW_Phone\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("") + "\".");
  8. close the text file and save
  9. Go back to 7-zip and select YES to update the original ZIP
  10. Drag and drop the zip to your phone at the root of the internal storage
  11. Reboot your phone, hold volume down to boot into TWRP (Note: holding up goes to fastboot)
  12. click Install and select the latest V14 zip file you edited. Disable zip verification, Click Install and wait
  13. The install should proceed and when done, reboot
  14. The phone will boot, encrypt, then boot again, then finish updates. Each boot cycle takes about 2 minutes, but DO NOT BE IMPATIENT. Wait at least 15 minutes before declaring an issue and trying to reboot/etc to fix.
  15. When done, go to system and check the android version = 7.1.1 and security patch level is at LEAST 7.1.1
  16. Now you need to reflash twrp to the bootloader
  17. Enable debugging on your phone
  18. [You dont need to do this] Install and run the unlock device tool (YOUR PHONE WILL ERASE TO FACTORY...)
  19. ReFlash the TWRP (find instructions / files elsewhere)
  20. Repeat steps 10-13 and select the V16 (Android Pie / V9) zip & then unlock phone, reflash bootloader and root the phone
  21. Note: to upgrade to Pie from Nougat i had to remove these lines from updater-script
ifelse( getprop("") == "PKQ1.180802.001" getprop("") == "PPR1.180610.009", ui_print("Android P device"), (
(greater_than_int(getprop(""), 1534400000)) abort("Can't install this package on device version less than 14.0400.1807.056 device build time (" + getprop("") + ").");
) );
ifelse( getprop("") == "OPEN_Phone", ui_print("OPEN SKU device"), (
getprop("") == "WW_Phone" abort("This package is for \"WW_Phone\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("") + "\".");
) );
To Root the phone again
  1. Boot to twrp
  2. Go to Wipe
  3. Select data parition
  4. Select Repair or Change
  5. Select EXT3
  6. Now go back and do EXT4
  7. Install root from twrp
  8. Boot the phone
  9. Restore your backup you made on step 1
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2019.03.09 01:25 lieutenantcigarette Useful software that you might not know about

Some useful/cool software that I've used throughout the years (thought I'd share mine as I've found a few other cool tools from this sub) apologies that I'm too lazy to provide links, but hey, this is an IT Pro sub. I'm fairly confident you can find a download link to a piece of free software on the web.
Everything (Free) - A significantly better alternative to Windows indexing/search, everything (pun intended) that you could possibly be looking for (files by name, date, extension etc.) all visible almost instantly after each search without waiting for Windows to brew its own coffee. It's not a launcher like Keypiranha, but it's an amazing and easy to use tool to quickly find that file you know you buried deep somewhere ages ago.

TeraCopy (Free) - A complete and native replacement for the built in Windows Explorer copy/move dialog. Incredibly intelligent at doing what it can before asking for user input when its absolutely needed, can be easily set for certain parameters (overwrite, auto-rename etc.) on each copy before a conflict is even detected so that you can trust it will complete without any issues. Verification of data is a button-press away to ensure integrity, would wholeheartedly recommend as it comes in very handy for large transfers that you don't want to get stuck at 12%.

Macrium Reflect (Free) - Very lightweight disk imaging and cloning software. Adjust parition sizes, clone whilst booted or use it to create bootable recovery media (fully capable of creating and restoring images, along with cloning), extremely reliable. A must have for upgrading from HDD's to SSD's or upgrading to larger drives. Much easier than Acronis in my opinion.

RocketDock (Free) - If you like the dock on MacOS but prefer to use Windows, RocketDock has you covered. A superb and highly customisable dock that you can add your favourites to for easy and elegant access. It really compliments a desktop experience. Definitely play with customisation as in my opinion the default doesn't look very sexy (dark theme all the way.)

Virtual CloneDrive (Free) - Easily mount .ISO files as if they were physical media connected to your PC. Very useful for Windows Upgrades, Installations from cloned discs etc.

qBittorrent (Free) - Open source alternative to uTorrent, very lightweight, nice user interface, with the added bonus of not bombarding you with ads or using your CPU/GPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies in the background without your knowledge.

Rainmeter (Free) - Extremely in-depth desktop customisation with complex widgets for Windows, that compliments any power users desktop. I highly recommend searching for some examples of how some people have it setup, you'll be jealous in seconds.
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2018.09.14 18:26 DirkDiggler35 My GF's uncle died, they weren't close, should I go to the funeral

My GF's Uncle recently passed away. We and our immediate family's live in Chicago, her Uncle was living in Mississippi, 9 hours away. My GF was not close to her Uncle. He didn't write/talk to her or keep in contact. He basically lived off my GF's now deceased Grandma in her house, drank a lot, and was in poor health.

If my GF and I had just started dating, this would be a no brainer for me. However, like most things in life, this is complicated.

My GF and I have been dating for a little bit over 4 years, living together for the past 2 1/2 years. I plan on proposing soon. I love this woman, and she means everything to me.

The funeral is slated for the following weekend, in Mississippi, 9 hours away. I was already planning on going out of town this weekend, leaving this afternoon for a sort of guys weekend of golf/drinking/beach up in Michigan. The last weekend of September my GF and I were planning on going back up to Michigan for Octoberfest, and I have a paritally formulated plan of proposing up there that weekend.

Therefore, this funeral falls right in the middle of these trips. This morning, my GF informs me that she will probably go to Mississippi for the funeral. I went with her for her Grandma's funeral in 2016 because GF and her Grandma were close. I have no desire to travel this far to go to an out of touch Uncle's funeral.

But, I know that sacrifices are sometimes needed, and am currently on the fence as to what to do. I know my GF's parents will be going down for sure, but that's it. I don't want my GF and/or her parents feel like I don't care about their family, but I honestly said 2 words to this uncle when I met him, and that's it.

Anyone got any advice on this?

Edit: I have already asked her if she would like for me to go. She didn't really give me a straight answer, which I was hoping for. She said for me to chose what I want to do. Also, I understand that going would be to support her and her family.

GF's Distant, Alcoholic Uncle passed away. Currently live 9 hours from where Funeral will be. We have been dating for 4 years and I want to propose soon. Currently have several trips planned for the next few weekends, but my schedule is mine to change. Should I attend this funeral, or because of their not close relationship, be fine in skipping it?
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2018.09.06 02:14 foundanoreo Downloading Linux for the ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Gaming Laptop

I have been having a lot of issues getting a dual-boot to work on the ASUS Zephyrus GM501 gaming laptop. I successfully installed Ubuntu LTS 16.04 on it but ran into a lot of issues: touchpad not working, problems with dual-monitors, speakers putting out static when headphones plugged in, system settings opening would crash, trying to shutdown would crash. I was able to solve most of the issues but gave up on the static and crash issues and wiped it. I assumed at first that it was the way I mounted the OS, since it is an SSD/HDD computer. I put the boot on an unallocated SSD partition and the swap/storage on the HDD. I have some people telling me it was a swap issue even though using the "swapon" command I could clearly see that the swap space was there. But now I'm thinking there is some serious incompatibility issues with Linux and this laptop as said by the ASUS team. My further research into this top tells me it has something to do with nvidia compatibility.
So my question is, is there anyone who knows of the proper way to mount Linux onto a SSD/HDD setup (or if I should just spare the boot time and put it all on the HDD for simplicity sake)?
My current mounting config in this order:
  1. root -> SSD (25GB available)
  2. swap -> HDD (100GB available, 16GB swap)
  3. home -> HDD(84GB available)
Also is there a Linux version, however new or old, that is confirmed to work with my setup (or is just more friendly with Nvidia)? I am trying Linux Mint "Sylvia" Cinnamon & Mate as I post this

Edit: Once I get something to work I will post how I got everything to work. I have already found a great guide here. I doubt any guide will be dead-on but hopefully I can try and create a decent one for today's date.

Update: I give up. I tried bumblebee, a different parition scheme, replacing quiet splash with 10 different things, updating BIOS, updating all drivers, downgrading kernel, etc. I really don't know what I'm doing at this point, its more important to get work done than spend all this time trying to get the simplest of things to work.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

Update 2: Ok I got everything to work on Ubuntu LTS *HORRAY*. I tried this same setup on the GU501 Laptop (friends laptop) and it worked as well.
  1. First I went to the Asus website by searching "[Model Number] asus update drivers". Anything I could update I did meaning: BIOS, Audio, Touchpad, etc.
  2. I partitioned 25 GB on my SSD and 100GB on my HDD. Then I used Rufus to install an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.iso on my SeaGate 2TB HDD. Rufus settings (Alt-F if you can't see your usb) : [GPT][Fat32].
  3. Turned off Secure Boot in UEFI and made sure enabled Legacy USB Boot. Then went to Boot Menu and booted from the SeaGate (Should arrive at Grub Screen)
  4. If you cannot boot into "Install Ubuntu" try pressing "e" at the grub menu and adding "quietsplash acpi=off" or "quietsplash nomodeset" and then F10 so that you can boot the first time. After properly configuring your nvidia drivers this will no longer be necessary.
  5. After successfully booting Ubuntu, I went through installation process, put swap and " / " on my SDD and then "/home" on my HDD. Completed installation as normal.
  6. After Ubuntu was installed I followed these directions to use synaptic to fix my drivers.
  7. Added "quiet splash i8042.reset" to my grub file located in /etc/default folder to fix my elantech touchpad.

This fixed all the problems from before. I still have some static on my speakers when plugging in head-set but I can open everything now without crashes and it boots normally. YAAAYYY! Hope this helps someone.
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2018.02.09 10:01 mohers Issues while trying to install openwr, lede or dd-wrt on a brand new WRT3200ACM

I recently bought Linksys WRT3200ACM with intention to run custom firmware on it. I received it three days ago and trying to flash it with third party image since.
What I've done so far is: Carefully followed the instructions from here, followed and read all the available links
images I tried:
and multiple releases of factory-to-ddwrt.bin
All with the same effect. After flashing, the router would restart, power led would blink multiple times and then stall for few seconds (dd-wrt would also make USB/eSATA led to turn on) to then restart and boot to linksys gui after three failed attempts.
Liksys images flash correctly to each of both partitions. Tried two differnet firmware versions (184351, 186168 and verified paritions I'm on here:, so I can confirm I'm able to flash genuine firmware on each of them. Just the custom ones won't work.
I also came across this discussion and while this doesn't seem to be about the exact issue I'm having, there are people complaining about the same thing there. No solution there yet though...
I did not try flashing using serial connection nor tried serial connection at all and don't think that should be necessary since the router is marketed as open source ready. It seems it isn't in this version?
Router info:
device::manufacturerDate=2017/12/05 device::cert_region=EU device::modelNumber=WRT3200ACM-EU 
I'm currently considering a return as I can't make it do what I bought it for.
Anyone else facing similar issues?
submitted by mohers to openwrt [link] [comments]

2017.11.22 12:01 zeromint How to all old partitions for a table?

I know how to a) list all tables for dataset b) delete a specific parition. But how do i delete all partions in a table older than X date? Will I have to bruteforce?
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2017.11.01 17:20 _Repeats_ [Guide] Budget MA Assasin for CS Farming

This guide is a budget version of Viyro's guide found here:
Up to date for Patch 12 - Edenite (October 2017)
This guide is for my character: NeuralNet, currently level 88 in HC Edenite Ladder
This guide is meant to be an early league CS farmer. I am not saying this is the "fastest" build in the world, but it will be fun. You can expect a full CS game to last 5-6 minutes with this geabuild (full clear + stashing). If that isn't fast enough, please follow Viyro's build instead.
  • Very cheap - This entire character is can be bought with OOC's, not HR's.
  • 50% Damage reduction with Full Nats + Fade
  • Great survival and near full resists vs. Conviction packs
  • Has ability to be spec'd into faster clear and ubers.
  • Slower than most standard CS farming builds
  • Very aggressive melee playstyle. Not for the faint of heart.
Skill Guide:
  • Venom - 20 Points
  • Claw Mastery - 20 Points
  • Blade Shield - 20 Points
  • Fade - Enough to hit level 20 with buffing gear (every level is 1% physical damage reduction)
  • Blade Throw - Remaining Points
  • Static Strike - 1 Point
  • Blades of Ice - 1 Point
  • Flicker Strike - 1 Point
  • Cloak of Shadows - 1 Point
  • Shadow Warrior - 1 Point
  • Full Natalya's Set - Socket armor with a Splash + -req jewel to lower strength needs
  • Gloves - Laying of Hands (Alts - Lava Gouts/20ias Blood Gloves)
  • Belt - Blood Belt for Open Wounds (Alts - Whitstans, Trangs for freeze immunity)
  • Shield - Whitstan's (Alts - Mosers, Rythme, Tiamats)
  • Rings - Raven Frost, Carrion Wind
  • Amulet - Atmas' Scarab (Alt - Seraphs with high demon/undead dmg)
  • Swap - +2 Assasin Claws (shopped or Bartucs)
  • Ammy for buffing - +2 Assasin ammy (if not using Seraphs)
  • Strength - Enough to wear Nat's Armor
  • Dexterity - Enough to have max block with Whitstan's
  • Vitatility - Rest
  • Energy - None
Very few builds can utilize cast on striking mods like Blades of Ice + Blade Shield. Carrion Wind is probably BiS for a life leach ring. The Twisters offer crazy survival; there will be walls of them stun locking entire packs. This ring was never designed for use with a skill that causes so many hits as Blades of Ice (thanks Greendude!). Atma's Amp will be proc'd nearly ever other Blades of Ice attack, so it is a very reliable 100% boost in damage. I have tested out Highlord, but Atmas Scarab did just was well and is dirt cheap (1-2 ooc). One draw back is that Cloak of Shadows is a curse, so Atma's Amp proc will override Cloak (or vise versa). However, Nats Claw has Ignore Target Defense, so not having the -armor from Cloak on mobs isn't much of an issue. I mainly use it to keep large packs distracted while I pick off targets.
Natalya's set is surprisingly strong, even though you get no parital set bonus'. For this reason, follow Viyro's leveling guide as a Wake of Fire trapper until level 79 (Nat's Claw). The 50 all resists, 15 dual leach, and 30% physical damage reduction is no joke. However, this build has 0 Crushing Blow (no Gore Riders or Guillaume's Face), which is a problem for killing Diablo. I don't consider either of those two items to be "budget"; they will expensive early in a league. Most of Nat's pieces are 1 ooc from the start (armor, boots, helm). The claw will probably not be cheap, but for an endgame weapon it is worth it.
If you are interested in corrupting your gear, I would prioritize getting a decent corrupt on your Nats claw first. Two to three sockets, max damage on char level, or 10% crushing blow will go a long way to improving your damage. Scissor Suwayyah's have 0 weapon attack speed. With 60 ias from the claw and glove slot, we are 25 ias short of the next attack speed break point (85 ias). I have never found the attack speed to be much of a problem as Blades of Ice packs a punch, but feel free to slot some IAS jewels in your gear or Sheal into your claw to hit 85 or 90 IAS:
Frame -------------15.5 15.0 14.5 14.0 13.5 13.0 12.5 12.0 11.5 11.0 10.5 10.0 9.5 9.0 8.5 8.0 7.5
Scissors Suwayyah 0% 10% 15% 20% 30% 50% 55% 85% 90% 145% 170%
For self buffing, you will be casting Fade, Venom, Shadow Warrior, and Blade Shield. Since Blade Shield is a trap skill, you get no benefit from +shadow claws. Thus, I recommend using dual Bartucs, or shop for +2 assassin claws. You only lose 2 skill levels, which isn't that significant considering how annoying swapping out weapons every 3 minutes is. If you get a good Seraphs with decent demon and undead damage, you will find that comparable to Atmas in CS. The benefit of this is that you don't have to swap ammys to buff yourself. However, you will lose your ability to break physical immunity without Atma's.
As for charms, I use an assortment of damage, life, and mf charms. You can also use Shadow GC's if you have them, but there isn't need to go out of your way to obtain them. You only get minor offensive boosts for using them.
Also, don't use poison charms, as Venom overrides the time it delivers the poison to .4 seconds! An example is a 50 poison over 4 seconds charm gets converted to 5 poison damage over .4 seconds (ie how much damage it would have done in .4 seconds). Use physical or elemental damage charms instead!
For a merc, I suggestion using a Act 1 merc with a Harmony bow for the Vigor aura (only requires Ko). This will allow you to have near BoS movespeed while using Fade, which is a huge boost to your clear speed. Fade has curse reduction, so having an Act 3 Clensing merc won't be much help. Since you have Atma's Scarab, you don't need a merc with Lawbringer either. You do miss out on the Might aura from the Act 5 merc, but your damage will be fine with amp. If you want to use Seraphs, then you should use an Act 5 merc with Lawbringer.
Going Beyond:
Follow Viyro's guide if you are interested in moving past Nat's Set for faster cleaubers. You will likely need to respec to wear SS and use BoS instead of Fade. I wouldn't step into this build until you are fully geared to replace Nat's pieces.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Repeats
submitted by _Repeats_ to pathofdiablo [link] [comments]

2017.08.01 07:28 T_P_H_ DSC 1832 can't access installer sections

PC 1832 v4.22CP01 TL260(r) Network Interface IT-100 RS232 Interface PT5507 touch keypad
I added the IT-100 so that I could integrate the panel with my automation system.
I just added the TL260 so I could use the DLS software to program the panel. I have the IP address of the panel (assigned by mac address in my router)
The issue I have is that I can not access any of the sections via the keypad to enable the options I need for DLS to communicate with the panel.
When I can enter my installer code without issue, but at the section prompt, when I enter a section the keypad beeps and the keypad display reverts back to asking for a section number.
I can not access sectin 382 Option 5 (enable TL/GS Module), 401 Option 2 (Enable DLS) ect.
Also, enable DLS responds with "function not available"
If anyone is interested here is my integration JS code for CommandFusion
var DSC = function() { var module = { troublehandle : [], troublehandle1 : 0, troublehandle2 : 0, troublehandle3 : 0, troublehandle4 : 0, troublehandle5 : 0, troublehandle6 : 0, troublehandle7 : 0, troublehandle8 : 0, troublehandle9 : 0, partitionarmed1 : 0, partitionready1 : 0, zonetobypass : 0, commands : [], commandok : 0, disablekeypad : 1, startjoin : 700, }; module.baudrate = function( rate ) { checksum = module.checksum( "080" + rate); module.sendCommand( "080" + rate + checksum); } module.setup = function() { CF.log("DSC Alarm Setup");, "Moxa_DSC", "DSC_Feedback", module.ProcessFeedback); module.getStatus(); module.doorChime(); module.doorChime(); module.virtualKeypad(1); // enable virtual keypad module.exitBypass(); module.bypassStatus(); module.commandQue(); } module.getStatus = function() { // Get Status report. Don't do this from feedback you will end up in a loop module.sendCommand("00191"); } module.labelRequest = function() { module.sendCommand("00292"); } module.doorChime = function() { module.keyPress("*"); module.keyRelease(); module.keyPress("4"); module.keyRelease(); } module.resetFire = function() { module.log("Reset Fire Alarm"); module.keyPress("*"); module.keyRelease(); module.keyPress("7"); module.keyRelease(); module.keyPress("2"); module.keyRelease(); } module.doorChimeStatus = function() { module.sendCommand("907A0"); } module.setTime = function(datetimestring) { // hhmmMMDDYY format var checksum = module.checksum("010" + datetimestring); module.sendCommmand("010" + datetimestringn + checksum); } module.commandOutput = function( commandstring ) { // expects partition number (1-8) and command number (1-4) var checksum = module.checksum("020" + commandstring); module.sendCommmand("020" + commandstring + checksum); } module.partitionArmAway = function( partition ) { // parition number 1-8 var checksum = module.checksum("030" + partition); module.sendCommmand("030" + partition + checksum); } module.partitionArmStay = function( partition ) { // parition number 1-8 var checksum = module.checksum("031" + partition); module.sendCommmand("031" + partition + checksum); } module.partitionArmAwayNoEntryDelay = function( partition ) { // parition number 1-8 var checksum = module.checksum("032" + partition); module.sendCommmand("032" + partition + checksum); } module.partitionArmCode = function( partition ) { // parition number 1-8 and 6 byte code var checksum = module.checksum("033" + partition); module.sendCommmand("033" + partition + checksum); } module.partitionDisarmCode = function( partition ) { // parition number 1-8 and 6 byte code var checksum = module.checksum("040" + partition); module.sendCommmand("040" + partition + checksum); } module.timeStamp = function( onoff ) { // 1 or 0 var checksum = module.checksum("055" + onoff); module.sendCommmand("055" + onoff + checksum); } module.dateBroadcast = function( onoff ) { // 1 or 0 var checksum = module.checksum("056" + onoff); module.sendCommmand("056" + onoff + checksum); } module.tempBroadcast = function( onoff ) { // 1 or 0 var checksum = module.checksum("057" + onoff); module.sendCommmand("057" + onoff + checksum); } module.virtualKeypad = function( onoff ) { // 1 or 0 var checksum = module.checksum("058" + onoff); module.sendCommand("058" + onoff + checksum); } module.panicAlarmPress = function( panic ) { // 1 Fire 2 Aux 3 Panic Your Panic Button should fire the release function on release var checksum = module.checksum("060" + panic); module.sendCommand("060" + panic + checksum); } module.panicAlarmRelease = function() { // Your Panic Button should fire this on release module.keyRelease(); } module.setBaudRate = function( rate ) { // 1 9600 2 19200 2 38400 3 57600 4 115200 var checksum = module.checksum("080" + rate); module.sendCommand( "080" + rate + checksum); } module.getTempSetpoint = function(thermostat) { // 1-4 up to 4 thermostats var checksum = module.checksum("095" + thermostat); module.sendCommand( "095" + thermostat + checksum); } module.setTemp = function( t, s, m, a1, a2, a3 ) { // thermostat#, C Cool or H Heat, +, - or =, temp to set use with = var checksum = module.checksum("096" + t + s + m + a1 + a2 + a3); module.sendCommand( "096" + t + s + m + a1 + a2 + a3 + checksum); } module.saveTemp = function(thermostat) { var checksum = module.checksum("097" + thermostat); module.sendCommand( "097" + thermostat + checksum); } module.codeSend = function(code) { // send access code use in response to a 900 code request var checksum = module.checksum("200" + code); module.sendCommand( "200" + code + checksum ); } module.keyPress = function( string ) { var checksum = module.checksum( "070" + string); module.sendCommand( "070" + string + checksum); module.keyRelease(); setTimeout(function() { // wait a bit to send "release button" command 
// module.keyRelease(); }, 500); }
module.keyRelease = function() { module.sendCommand( "070^F5"); } module.armAlarm = function() { var checksum = module.checksum( "0301"); module.sendCommand("0301" + checksum); } module.bypass = function( zone ) { zone = parseInt(zone,10); if ( zone < 10 ) { zone = "0" + zone; } module.zonetobypass = zone; // set zone to bypass variable for later use if ( !module.commandok ) { return; } if ( module.partitionarmed1 ) { // alert user that partition needs to be disarmed first return; } module.sendCommand("070*C1"); // Send * key module.keyRelease(); // Send break command module.sendCommand("0701C8"); // Send 1 key module.keyRelease(); // Send break command } module.exitBypass = function() { module.log("EXIT BYPASS"); setTimeout( function() { module.sendCommand("070#BA"); module.keyRelease(); module.sendCommand("070#BA"); module.keyRelease(); module.sendCommand("070#BA"); module.keyRelease(); }, 1000); } module.bypassStatus = function() { module.keyPress("*"); module.keyPress("*"); module.keyPress("4"); module.keyPress("3"); module.keyPress("8"); module.keyPress("5"); for ( var i = 0; i < 16; i++ ) { module.keyPress(">"); } } module.ProcessFeedback = function(feedbackname, feedbackstring) { feedbackstring = feedbackstring.replace(/(\r\n\r\n)/gm,""); var command = feedbackstring.substring(0,3); var remainder = feedbackstring.substring(3,6); var text = feedbackstring.substring(8, feedbackstring.length-2); switch (command) { case "500": // Command Accepted module.commandok = 1; //module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Command OK"); break; case "501": // Command Rejected module.commandok = 0; module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Command Error"); break; case "502": // System Error module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "System Error"); break; case "550": // Date Broadcast (every 4 minutes required date broadcast control command) module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Date Broadcast"); break; case "560": // Ring Detected CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 3), 1); CF.setJoin("d" + module.startjoin, 1); var a = 0; setTimeout( function() { CF.setJoin("d" + module.startjoin, 0) }, 10000); var h = setInterval( function() { if ( a == 0 ) { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 3), 1); a = 1; } else { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 3), 0); a = 0; } }, 500); setTimeout( function() { clearInterval(h); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 3), 0); }, 10000); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Phone Ring Detected"); break; case "561": // Indoor Temp Broadcast module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Indoor Temperature Broadcast"); break; case "562": // Outdoor Temperature Broadcast module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Outdoor Temperature Broadcast"); break; case "563": // Thermosstat Setpoints module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Thermostat Set Points"); break; case "570": // Broadcast Programming Labels module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Broadcast Labels"); break; case "580": // Serial Baud Rate module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Baud Rate"); break; case "601": // Zone Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Alarm"); break; case "602": // Zone Alarm Restore module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Alarm Restore"); break; case "603": // Zone Tamper CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 24), 1); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Tamper"); break; case "604": // Zone Tamper Restore CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 24), 0); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Tamper Restore"); break; case "605": // Zone Fault CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 23), 1); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Fault"); break; case "606": // Zone Fault Restore CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 23), 0); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Zone Fault Restore"); break; case "609": // Zone Opened module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Zone Opened " + remainder); CF.setJoin("d" + (parseInt(remainder, 10) + module.startjoin + 37), 1); break; case "610": // Zone Closed module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Zone Closed " + remainder); CF.setJoin("d" + (parseInt(remainder, 10) + module.startjoin + 37), 0); break; case "620": // Duress Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Duress Alarm" ); break; case "621": // Fire Key Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Fire Key Alarm" ); break; case "622": // Fire Key Alarm Cancel module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Fire Key Alarm Restore" ); break; case "623": // Aux Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Aux Key Alarm" ); break; case "624": // Aux Alarm Cancel module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Aux Key Alarm Restore" ); break; case "625": // Panic Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panic Key Alarm" ); break; case "626": // Panic Alarm Cancel module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panic Key Alarm Restore" ); break; case "631": // Aux Input Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Aux Input Alarm" ); break; case "632": // Aux Input Alarm Cancel module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Aux Input Alarm Restore" ); break; case "650": // Partition Ready module.partitionready1 = 1; module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Partition Ready " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "651": // Partition Not Ready module.partitionready1 = 0; module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Partition Not Ready " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "652": // Partition Armed module.partitionarmed1 = 1; module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Partition Armed" ); break; case "653": // Partition Ready to Force Arm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Partition Ready To Force Arm" ); break; case "654": // Partition In Alarm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Partition In Alarm " + remainder); break; case "655": // Partition Disarmed module.partitionarmed1 = 0; module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Partition Disarmed " + remainder); break; case "656": // Exit Delay In Progress module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Exit Delay In Progress " + remainder); CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), "Exit Delay In Progress"); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 5), 1); // play chime CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10), 1); // set arm button to depressed break; case "657": // Entry Delay In Progress module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Entry Delay In Progress " + remainder); break; case "658": // Keypad Lockout module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Keypad Lockout " + remainder); break; case "659": // Keypad Blanking module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Keypad Blanking " + remainder); break; case "660": // Command Output In Progress module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Command Output In Progress " + remainder); break; case "670": // Invalid Access Code module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Invalid Access Code " + remainder); break; case "671": // Funtion Not Available module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Function Not Available " + remainder); break; case "672": // Failed To Arm module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Failed To Arm " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "673": // Partition Busy module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Partition Busy " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "700": // User Closing module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "User Closing" ); break; case "701": // Special Closing module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Special Closing" ); break; case "702": // Partial Closing module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Partial Closing" ); break; case "750": // User Opening module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "User Opening" ); break; case "751": // Special Opening module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Special Opening" ); break; case "800": // Panel Battery Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panel Battery Trouble" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 27), 1); break; case "801": // Panel Battery Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panel Battery Good" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 27), 0); break; case "802": // Panel Power Loss module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panel Power Loss" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 20), 1); break; case "803": // Panel Power Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Panel Power Good" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 20), 0); break; case "806": // System Bell Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "System Bell Trouble" ); break; case "807": // System Bell Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "System Bell Good" ); break; case "810": // Phone Line Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Phone Line Trouble" ); CF.setJoin("d247", 1); break; case "811": // Phone Line Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Phone Line Good" ); CF.setJoin("d247", 0); break; case "812": // Phone Line Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "TLM 2 Phone Line Trouble" ); break; case "813": // Phone Line Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "TLM 2 Phone Line Good" ); break; case "814": // Monitoring Station Trouble CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 22), 1); break; case "816": // Buffer Near Full module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Buffer Near Full" ); break; case "821": // Wireless Zone Battery Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Wireless Zone Battery Low" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 25), 1); case "822": // Wireless Zone Battery Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Wireless Zone Battery Good" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 25), 0); break; case "825": // Wireless Key Battery Low module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Wireless Key Battery Low" ); break; case "826": // Wireless Key Battery Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Wireless Key Battery Good" ); break; case "827": // Handheld Keypad Battery Low module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Handheld Keypad Battery Low" ); break; case "828": // Handheld Keypad Battery Good module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Handheld Keypad Battery Good" ); break; case "829": // General System Tamper module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "General System Tamper" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 24), 1); break; case "830": // System Tamper Trouble Restore module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "General System Tamper Restore" ); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 24), 0); break; case "831": // Home Automation Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Home Automation Trouble" ); break; case "832": // Home Automation Trouble Restore module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Home Automation Restore" ); break; case "840": // Trouble LED ON CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 33), 1); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Trouble LED On Partition " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "841": // Trouble LED OFF CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 33), 0); module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Trouble LED Off Partition " + remainder.substring(0,1)); break; case "842": // Fire Alarm Trouble module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Fire Trouble Alarm" ); break; case "843": // Fire Alarm Trouble Restore module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " + "Fire Trouble Alarm Restore" ); break; case "896": // Keybus Fault module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Keybus Fault"); break; case "897": // Keybus Fault Restore module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Keybus Fault Restored"); break; case "900": // Code Required module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"Code Required " + remainder); break; case "901": // LCD UPDATE module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"LCD UPDATE"); if ( module.disablekeypad < 1) { CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 1), text ); } if ( text.indexOf("System Disarmed") > -1) { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 4),0); // stop chime CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), "Arm System"); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10), 0); // set armed button to normal } else if ( text.indexOf("Secure or") > -1) { CF.setJoin("s2", text); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 4),0); // stop chime CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10), 0); // set armed button to normal CF.setJoin("d1",0); // close keypad if open } else if ( text.indexOf("System Armed") > -1) { CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), "System Armed"); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 4),0); // stop chime CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10), 1); // set armed button to normal } else if ( text.indexOf("Invalid Access") > -1) { var txt = ""; CF.getJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), function(join, value, tokens){ txt = value; CF.getJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10), function(join, value, tokens) { CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), "Invalid Access Code"); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 10),value); CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 4),1); setTimeout(function() { CF.setJoin("s" + (module.startjoin + 10), txt); }, 1000); }); }); } else if ( text.indexOf("Access Code") > -1 ) { if ( module.disablekeypad < 1) { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 1), 1); // show keypad } module.disablekeypad = 0; } else if ( text.indexOf("Bypass") > -1 (text.indexOf("Zone") > -1 && text.indexOf("<>") > -1) ) { module.bypassZoneHandler( text ); } else if ( text.indexOf( "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8") > -1 ) { // list of bypassed zones for ( var i = 0; i < 16; i+=2 ) { var state = text.substring( 16+i, 17+i); if ( state.indexOf("N") > -1 ) { // CF.setJoin("d" + (270 + i/2), 1); } else { // CF.setJoin("d" + (270 + i/2), 0); } } } else if ( text.indexOf("Door Chime") > -1 ) { if ( text.indexOf("ON") > -1 ) { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 28),1); } else { CF.setJoin("d" + (module.startjoin + 28),0); } } break; case "902": // LCD Cursor module.log( feedbackstring + " ## " +"LCD Cursor"); break; case "903": // Status LED's var led = parseInt(remainder.substring(0,1), 10); 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CF.modules.push({ name: "DSC Power Series IT-100", object: DSC, version: 1.0 });
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2017.05.09 13:06 RojeNeThekerishte "Laiciteti" nga Aleksandër Xhuvani

1) Historiku i laicitetit dhe i parimevet të tjera t’arsimit filluer
Laiciteti e ka burimin e vet në ligjët republikane të Francës të shpalluna në 1881-1882, prej të cilavet duelën si rezultat tri parime themelore për rregullimin e arsimit filluer në Francë: detyrimi shkolluer, të dhanët falë të mësimit ose gratuiteti dhe laiciteti i tij. Shumë kohë përpara kësaj date arsimi filluer në Francë nuk rregullohej krejt mbas këtyne parimeve: detyrimi shkolluer, që ishte caktue me ligjë qysh prej vjetëve 1791-1794, prej trubullimeve të mbrendshëme politike, mbeti nji shkres’e vdekun deri më 1871, kur, mbas luftës franko-gjermane, nisi të vihet në veprim, por edhe atëhere çalthi e jo pa përjashtim. Gratiuteti, sado që caktohej me ligjë gjithë në vjetin 1791 dhe, mbas intervalesh monarqike, figuronte në ligjë edhe më 1848, por mbasandaj erdhi tue u çfuqisue, dhe u-mbajt nji farë gratuiteti relativ, që herë ishte i rrebtë, herë i butë në zbatim; kjo ngjante ndër shkollat e Komunavet, se ndër shkollat e Kongregatevet fetare ishte në fuqi rregullisht “ la rétribution scolaire” se në këto shkolla mësimi nuk jepej falë, por me pagesë për të pasunit dhe pa të tillë për të vobegët. Mirë po kjo punë i ndante nxânësit në dy klasë shoqënore dhe fuste përçarjen në mes të tyne.
Në qarkoret e inspektorëvet t’arsimit filluer të vjetëvet 1833 e 1879 përmendje se ndër shkollat e Komunevet dhe mâ fort n’ato të Kongregatave nxânësit e vobegë ndaheshin me kujdes prej atyne që paguejshin e se mësimi i dhanë të vobegëve nuk ishte i plotë dhe nji me atë t’atyne me pagesë; në disa shkolla Kongregatash ndaheshin krejt klasët e të pasunve prej atyne të vobegëve dhe të parët kishin mësim e mësues mâ të mirë se ata të dytët. Sa për laicitetin, ky ishte nji gjâ krejt e panjoftun; qysh në kohë të Perandorisë së parë shkollat e Shtetit në Francë kishin karakter fetar dhe qëndrojshin nën drejtimin e naltë t’auktoritetit fetar, tue u-kërkue prej mësuesvet, para se t’emnoheshin, nji çertifikat të sjelljes së mirë të lëshueme prej priftit të vendit. Inspektimi i shkollavet prej auktoritetit fetar edhe mësimi i besimit ishin nji pjes’e pandame e arsimit filluer deri më 1880.
2) Laiciteti i arsimit dhe Jules Ferry
Kjo ndodhje e punëve t’arsimit botuer, e papajtueshme me idealin demokratik e me qytetnimin e ri dhe e rrezikshme për Shtetin, i bâni me mendue qeveritarët e atëhershëm të Francës për me e riorganizue krejt arsimin filluer në bazat e patundshëme të detyrimit shkolluer, të gratuitetit dhe të laicitetit. Më 20 të Jenarit 1880 Jules Ferry, ministër atëhere i arsimit, paraqiti në Parlament dy projekt-ligja, njenën mbi gratuitetin absolut t’arsimit filluer dhe tjetrën mbi detyrimin shkolluer dhe mbi laicitetin e tij. Raportat e Komisjonit parlamentar mbi këto projekt-ligja ndërmjet të tjerave thoshte edhe këto: “ Me anë të suprimimit të lândëvet fetar prej arsimit botuer, sigurohet lirija e ndërgjegjës së nxânësvet, ajo e prindit dhe e mësuesit. Me detyrimin shkolluer u kujtohet ndjenja e detyrës etënvet të familjevet, që ishin tue u-bâ të pameritueshëm për kët emën. Nëpër gratuitetin rranjoset qysh prej shkollës ndjenja e gjithënjisisë qytetare. Me anë të laicitetit të trupit mësimuer arsimi botuer lihet në dorë funksjonarësh që nuk do t’i binden veçse ligjës civile dhe nuk mirrshin urdhëna veçse prej të parëvet të tyne hierarqikë. Tue u organizue Këshillet arsimore të qarqevet dhe inspektimi i arsimit filluer fati i këtij arsimi vihet ndër duer me të vërtetë t’auktorizueme dhe kompetente”.
Mbi aprovimin e këtyne projekt-ligjëve u-bânë bisedime të rrebta e të gjata atëhere si në Dhomën e deputetëve ashtu edhe në Senat prej oratorësh të ndryshëm nga të dy palët, nga republikanët e nga kundrështarët e tyne. Por mbi të gjithë këta u-dalluen, si për dijen e fellë të çashtjeve, si për argumentacionin e rrebtë, Paul Bert-i dhe mâ fort Jules Ferry, i cili si Ministër i arsimit dhe si Kryeministër gjatë kohës ç’prej 20 të Jenarit 1880 deri më 16 të Qershorit 1881, kur u shpallën ato ligjë, nuk prani tue mprojtë ato tri parime themelore t’arsimit filluer, deri sa fitoi aprovimin e tyne.
Ideja kryesore që rrjedhë prej ligjëratavet dhe shkrimevet të Jules Ferry-t dhe të shokëvet të tij âsht se arsimi dhe edukimi âsht nji punë e Shtetit, âsht nji punë publike. Mbassi arsimi âsht nji gjâ për interesën e përgjithshëme, duhet të jetë objekti i kujdesjeve të papreme të Shtetit, të vetmit ruejtës të çdo gjâje që mundet me qenë për dobi të shoqënisë njerëzore. Shteti duhet me e organizue arsimin; dhe në qoftë se e duron gjâkundi nji farë lirije, duhet t’a vigjëllojë këtë.
Kundërshtarët thojshin se Shteti nuk duhet ta quejë veten sovran në çâshtjet e arsimit, por duhet të marri parasysh disa fuqi, fenë dhe familjen. Por Jules Ferry përgjigjej: me qenë se Shteti kujdeset për interesën e përgjithshëme të shoqënisë, ai duhet të caktojë formën e arsimit tue marrë parasysh vetëm kët interesë të shoqënisë, trupi dhe ideali i së cilës âsht ai vetë. Prandaj i lirë në fushën e tij Shteti nuk ka veçse të organizojë arsimin si mbas natyrës së vet. Cila âsht kjo natyr’e vet? Pavarsija prej çdo fuqije të huej, mâ fort prej auktoritetit fetar, prej të cilit duhet të ndahet Shteti, që të mund të qëndrojë e të mkâmbet vetë. Shteti pra âsht laik, civil, i shekullarizuem, i çliruem nga çdo lidhje, nga çdo marrëdhanëje me ndonji fuqi fetare, sido e kushdo qoftë kjo; e mbassi âsht laik, civil, i lirë prej çdo pengimi fetar, âsht i gjithfuqishëm; këtë e quen Jules Ferry «sovranitetin e fuqisë civile» ose «shoqëninë moderne». Ky sovranitet shtrihet edhe n’arsim, që âsht nji pun’e Shtetit dhe duhet me qenë laik, civil sikurse edhe Shteti.
Sa për të drejtën e familjes, âsht e vërtetë – thotë Jules Ferry e Paul Bert-i – se prindi përpara Shtetit ka nji të drejtë të natyrshme mbi fëminë, por kjo e drejtë nuk âsht absolute, se, porsa të dalë fëmija prej duervet të babës, kujt do t’i përkasi, i kujt do të jetë ky? Natyrisht i Shtetit dhe jo kurrë i auktoritetit fetare. Me pasë qenë e drejta e natyrshëme e edukimit të fëmisë një nga detyrët thjesht morale, që s’kanë të bâjnë ose kanë të bâjnë fort pak me interesën e përgjithshëme të shoqënisë, atëherë kjo e drejtë s’kishte me pasë kundrështime. Por, sikurse u-tha mâ nalt, mësimi dhe edukimi âsht nji pun’e Shtetit; pra nuk duhet marrë para sysh interesa e atit të fëmisë, vullneti ose teka (kaprici) e tij, por interesa e përgjithshëme e shoqënisë. Kur interesohet Shteti për fëminë, për ta mprojtë kundra brutaliteteve të babës, për t’ja sigurue pronësin’e njij trashëgimi, kur ndërhyn ligja, Shteti në shumë çâshtje të familjes, kuptohet vetiu se Shteti do të kujdeset edhe për mësimin dhe edukimin e tij, të cilat do t’i organizojë mbas interesavet të veta, mbas interesës së përgjithshëme të shoqënisë, që âsht edhe interesa e veçantë e babës së fëmisë.
3) Shekullarizimi i shkollavet dhe morali laik
Shteti pra – thoshte Jules Ferry dhe shokët e tij – âsht përfaqësuës’i vërtetë i kombit, interpreti i vullnetit të përgjithshëm dhe ai vetëm ka të drejtë të vigjëllojë arsimin dhe ta rregullojë mbas ligjëvet të veta. Asht nevojë për të mirën e Shtetit që fëmijt e çdo klase shoqënore të përzihen bashkë në bankat e shkollës nën emblemën e shênjtë të flamurit komtar. Asht nevojë – thojshin ata – që nji Shtet, ku besimet e popullit janë të ndryshme, të themelohet nji shkollë, ku mësimi i dhânë prej laikëvet të ndahet prej fesë: prifti në kishë, pastori në tempullin e tij, rabini në sinagogë (hoxha, kishim me thânë nâ, në xhami) le t’u mësojnë fëmijvet fen’e prindëvet të tyne; por mësuesi në shkollë nuk duhet t’u japi fëmijvet veçse nji edukatë komtare, të përbashkët për të gjithë fëmijt e kombit.Tek-sa ndër faltoret e ndryshme çohen zane e predikohen fjalë, që mbjellin përçarjen e zîhjen dhe mëninë ndër shtetasit e njij vendi, shkolla e Shtetit, shkolla laike, duhet të jetë për fëmijt nji tempull bashkimi të zemravet dhe vllaznimi, ku asnji kumbim i grindjes e përçarjes fetare që mbretnon jashtë nuk duhet t’i trubullojë ndërgjegjët e tyne as t’u përçajë bashkimin vllaznuer.
Si mbas këtyne parimeve Jules Ferry shkrini gjithë fuqin’e tij për t’organizue arsimin botuer në gjitha gradët e tij dhe mâ fortë atë filluer, tu e bâ të detyrshëm dhe pa të holla për të gjithë fëmijt e kombit dhe tue nxjerrë jashtë mësimin e fesë, që mësohej deri atëhere detyrimisht ndër shkolla. Shkolla pra u-shekullarizue dhe në vend të mësimit të fesë, që do të mësohej mbaskëndaj prej priftit jashtë shkollës, u-fut mësimi i moralit laik.
Ky farë morali âsht i shkoqun prej fesë; madje nji moral i ndamë prej fesë – thojshin laikët – ka qenë edhe âsht; qysh motit e kanë kallzue dijetarët se ka nji moral që ecën e përparon bashkë me njerëzit. Idetë morale lejnë prej provës së njerëzisë, sikurse duelën së parit prej mendjes së njeriut. Mbassi morali âsht rregulla e marrëdhânjevet që kanë njerëzit ndër vedi, kuptohet se rregulla që caktojnë këto marrëdhânëje duhet të dalin prej natyrës vetë njeriut. Në Kongresin ndërkomtar mbi edukatën morale që u mbajt në Haye më 1912 Buisson-i dhe Seailles-i e provuen se mbundet me u-bâ nji mësim moral pa farë baze fetare. Nji moral që t’u përshtatet fëmijvet e çdo race dhe besimi nuk mund të jetë veçse laik. Moralit laik, nuk i mungojnë idetë që edukojnë shpirtin dhe drejtojnë sjelljen e njerëzvet; ai ka mbrenda iden’e të drejtës dhe atê të detyrës shoqënore, shtefninë (dignité) e personës njerëzore.
4) Ç’do me thânë me qenë laik
Por ideja laike në Francë u forcue mâ tepër nga vjetët 1901 e përtej, në kohë të Waldeck-Rousseau-it, kur me çâshtjen Dreyfuss-it u-përtëri prapë lufta kundra klerikalizmit; dhe atëhere shumë dijetarë e politikanë si Anatole France-i, Clemenceau-i, Goffroy-i, etj. muerën të mprojnë idenë laike, mbi të cilën janë shkrue shumë, por le të marrim vetëm disa prej këtyne shkrimeve, që i përkasin përkufizimit të fjalës. Fjala laik e dalun, si dihet, prej greqishtes, ka pasë së parit, si nga shekulli i 17-të nji farë kuptimi të ngushtë: nder fjalorët përkufizimi i saj ka qenë së parit vetëm nji mohim: “laik âsht, ai që nuk âsht as eklesiastik (i kishës) as fetar”. Por mbasandaj fjala u-përhap mâ gjânë tue u-lidhë me ide, me nji filosofi, me nji moral, me nji ideal. Kështû Ernest Lavisse-i thotë: “Me qenë laik nuk do me thânë me e kufizue mendjen e njeriut në nji orizont të ngushtë, as me ja ndalue me vëzhgue të hyjnueshmit; nuk do me thânë me përbuzë, me lëndue e ngucë ndërgjegjën që iu mbahet besimevet të vjetra, por me ua mohue fevet të drejtën e qeverimit të njerëzisë që mban e rron gjithëmonë. Me qenë laik nuk do me thânë me i pasë mëni kësaj e asaj feje, po me luftue fanatizmin fetar, që ka shkaktue e shkakton kaqë të liga, vrasje, dhuna e shkatërrime. Me qenë laik do me thanë mos me e lânë mendjen t’u-shtrohet dogmavet të pandryshueme, as me i dhânë armët përparave gjânavet që s’kuptohen: por me i çelë arsyes kredi të pakufizueme vëzhgimesh, me shpresue prej kësaj nji dritë të ré, mos me mbetë në padijën e tashme...”
Mbas M. Maurellet-it, nji inspektori t’arsimit, “shpirti laik âsht shpirti i vëzhgimit të lirë; âsht ai që në të kërkuemit e të vërtetës dhe në të përsjellunit në jetë nuk pshtetet veçse në vetëdijën e n’arsyen e nuk i përulet veçse auktoritetit të tyne. Ky shpirt e ka burimin në ndjenjën e fellë të shtefnisë njerëzore. Pavarnija dhe veprimi i pareshtun i mendjes, çiltërija, mendja e matun dhe e ulët, të duruemit, besimi në përparimin dhe vullneti i patundun për me e realizue, të ndjekunit pa-prâ të njij ideali të drejtënisë, të paqës e të lumnisë, këto janë shenjat dalluese të shpirtit laik. Do të jeni pra laikë, në qoftë se, tue e kuptue mirëfillit se çdo përparim i bâmë në fushë të mendjes e të moralit âsht vepra vetëm e arsyes dhe e vetëdijës, do të shtini nën kontrol të këtyne dyve çdo mendim dhe çdo besim; në qoftë se, sikurse thotë Descartes-i, do ta mirrni për të vërtetë atê që mendja juej do ta njofi fàqeza për të tillë; në qoftë se, me nji fjalë, për çdo gjâ do të formoni vetë nji vetëbindje t’uejën. Dhe keni për të qenë edukatorë me të vërtetë laik, po qe se tue i shtimë në veprim me mendje të hollë ato që qeujmë methudha aktive, methudhat që fusin në punë gjithë forcat e gjalla të mendjes e të zemrës, keni për t’i mësue nxânësit t’uej si me mendue, si me arsyetue, si me gjykue, po qe se keni me i ndifë vetëdijës së tyne, po qe se keni me fuqisue vullnetin e tyne, po qe se, me nji fjalë, do t’i bâni të zott me mendue e me veprue ata vetë....”
Burimi: "MINERVA", 1933
submitted by RojeNeThekerishte to albania [link] [comments]

2017.02.26 16:04 thebat12 [Question] Cydia eraser on 9.1

I am trying to use Cydia eraser on iOS 9.1 on my iPhone 6S. Every time I try to use it, the system partition gets filled up. I have openSSH installed so I SShd into the phone and ran df to find that the root partition (/) was 100% full. after exiting Cydia eraser, Both cydia and cydia eraser seem to be removed as well. there is nothing on the home screen and I have to install cydia from the deb file. the exact steps are outlined in this comment.
Cydia looks very different after doing this as well. The text is suddenly all caps, the changes tab doesnt show any date, things like that. after every reinstall, Cydia shows the preparing filesystem screen before respringing.
The exact error I got from cydia eraser is utility.cpp:159 short write 'NSt3_113basic_filebuflcNS_11char_traitslcEEEE. several times it also said no space left on device. EDIT: the exact error was "eraser.cpp:1252 No space left on device [eraser.cpp:1252]"
I ran df before runnning cydia eraser and saw that there was always around 90-100 MB of space left in the root partition. the description in Cydia says it should only download 10MB of data so Im not really sure why the parition gets filled up like this.
I dont have any tweaks or Cydia Substrate installed either, they were never installed on this phone. I tried to use prometheus to upgrade my phone to 10.2 before trying to use cydia eraser but I am not sure if it had any effect.
I really need to use cydia eraser to start fresh with the phone. Please let me know how to make it work. I also tried looking fro semi-restore to see if that can be used but its website seems to be down. I would not mind using that as well if it works as I intend to jailbreak my phone again anyway. So if anyone knows how to fix cydia eraser or get semi restore please let me know.
Thanks for the help
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2016.03.22 15:04 Sirjadith Gaming and OS trials

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Light gaming like WoW and SWToR, but I like easy to swap hard drives so I can play with different OS;s and not dual boot. I have been using a 5.25 drive bay for swappable HDD. I also want want very quiet as i share workspace
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes? like to be around $1,300 usd I have some wiggle room. * Replace this text with answer.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
*begining in April 2016
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Just the tower, i have monitor, keyboard and mouse
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
CA USA no local Microcenter
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
*24 inch Asus HDMI monitor and generic USB keyboard and mouse
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
no over clocking
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc) I was looking at mm.2 ssd drive for windows as my main drive, a big data drive and not sure if I can have a seperate drive I can either select from Bios and boot and set up for linux. I dont like dual booting because if you can crash both paritions.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I would like micro atx or mini itx
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
need windows 10 pro so i can try there VM maybe if that would work for a virtual linux install, I am reading issues with that like no network and such.
Extra info or particulars:
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2016.03.13 06:25 IntuitiveOne66 My Work Stalker

My story begins years ago when I was married to my first husband. Well, me and my first husband were going in different directions but during this time we were still friends. I did mention to him that it might be best if we got a divorce. (I'm not saying I was an angel because I wasn't, I had a one-night stand with a guy; who turned out to be another stalker....but I digress).
So I knew a group of people from work who loved to party, and we were all in our early 30's so why not? At that time, I used to have the biggest crush on this guy Craig. He was funny and from Boston with this cute little accent. We both worked in DC and were federal employees.
At this time too, I lived with a roommate Dena and she lived with my husband Jay and myself. Although I still loved Jay, me and him grew apart and he never wanted to spend time with me or my friends. Because of this, I spent alot of time with friends and co-workers. And my infatuation with Craig grew, and I remember one of my co-workers telling him that I had a crush on him.
So one time he invited me and my roommate to watch the fireworks in DC from his apartment complex in Virginia. We both went and the entire time he was trying to grab my butt. It was odd because he always acted like he hated me before and loved to humilate me but this time it was different. So I let it go.
Fast forward a couple of years, my roommate moved away back to New Mexico, her home state and I stayed in Virginia and was still living with my husband but now we no longer had the buffer of a roommate, and it was obvious that we were incompatible. I felt trapped in the marriage and like a slut wanted to have another affair, except the guilt would kill me so I would get in situations where I was about to leap but never did.
So one day, I get a text from Craig, him and the gang were meeting at a local pool/bar and did I want to come. I thought it was odd because after my roommate left, they rarely ever invited me to bars, but I went. When I got there, there were all these people I knew from work there and I felt comfortable and Craig asked me to join him.
All of us were at a pool table taking turns and drinking. Craig had such a funny way about him and could make anyone laugh so that day was no different he had me rolling on the floor. Little by little people left until there was only about three couples there and me and Craig. Craig got us a small table and kept buying me drinks. He got behind me and was hugging me and kissing my neck and it felt strange to do this at the bar because all these people KNEW I was married. We kissed and held hands, and he said I was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. It had been so long since a man had looked at me like that that I did not object and just went with the flow. Eventually my conscience got the best of me and I left the bar.
The next couple of weeks Craig would show up at my desk and play pranks on me and it was usually something stupid like reprogram my keyboard or once he put up police tape all over my desk because I had "borrowed his hole punch" and not returned it so it looked like a crime scene! It was so funny and cute. I did stuff to him too, me being Mexican showed him a casarone egg and when he asked me "what do you do with that thing?" I told him, "come here and I'll show you." I then smashed it on his head, boy did I pay for that one!
One day Craig calls me again and says the gang was getting together again that night and did I want to join them. I was going to the gym that night and would be all sweaty so I said no some other time. He kept asking and so I finally gave in and after the gym I went to the pool/bar to meet up with the gang.
When I got there, I found out that me and him were the only ones there. I asked him, "where is everyone else?" He said, "I knew if I told you that it would only be me and you, you would not come so I lied to you." I was a little upset about it but not enough to think twice as to why he had set it up like this. I still had the crush on him after all. So we played pool and stayed there quite late. After many many drinks, I was way too drunk to drive, he lived down the road and I lived like 20 - 25 mins away.
He said, "come to my house so that we can sober you up with some coffee." I agreed and followed him. Now I know what some of you are thinking, this was stupid but I'd known him at this point for like 10 years, and he had never done anything to me except humilate me twice or three times at a bar.
When we got inside his apartment, he started a pot of coffee and then he put some music on. I sat on the couch and started to fall asleep. He sat next to me and began to kiss me. Things went so fast from there and he was eventually on top of me and trying to take off my shirt. He got my shirt off but not my bra, so he pushed that up and began to bite me, everywhere. And he went wild, and began to tug at my jeans but I kept telling him no. He was so drunk when he finally got my jeans off he forgot I had panties so he was never able to penetrate me but he tried. The entire time I was in shock. I couldn't believe my friend of 10 years would try to rape me.
I finally got in a position where I was able to push him off of me with my legs, and once I was free I grabbed my clothing and purse and ran out of there. He was caught off guard and ran after me. I was crying the whole time. I ran to the elevator naked putting on my clothing as I was in the elevator. He leaped into the elevator entrance and asked me, "what's wrong?!" I was crying and stayed in the corner of the elevator and told him, "let me go Craig, please!" He backed away from the elevator and said, "OK, I won't hurt you" and the doors closed.
When I got home, my humilation was complete. I came in crying and my husband Jay saw me and he was upset but not mad, he was very logical about it and said he wanted me to report it to the police. I knew what would happen, they would ask why I was in his apartment and I just couldn't go through that so I did nothing. I called in sick for 3 days, I had bite marks all over my neck on my breasts, and my legs my stomache. I had bruises on my arms and inner thighs. I knew eventually I would have to go back to work. I covered the marks that were visable with makeup but still it was humilating to have to come in at all. I hung the shame of it all everyday I had to come in after that incident for a couple of weeks.
The first day at work (I should mention, he sat on the other side of the parition from me) I was in a high state of panic and anxiety. He shows up at my cubicle worried. He asked me "I thought you were deadly sick or something. I'm glad you are back. Can we talk in private?" I turned my back on him and told him I wasn't up to that yet.
It went like this for a long long time (like 3-4 months). He finally corners me one time in the breakroom and he's making a scene in front of other employees and says, "Do you want me not to bother you then?" I tell him, "Yes, don't bother me!" During this break, I had to travel for my job for 3months, and he travelled too about 3-4 months for his job.
During the travel period, I moved out of the apartment I had with my husband and asked him for a divorce. I bought a new vehicle, and I let Jay keep the old car and any furnishings he wanted. I needed the break to clear my head. I called around during that time and found a roommate who lived in Maryland.
When I came back, Craig was still on travel, and his travel was extended for another 3-4 months. And I don't let grass grow under my feet, I started to date again and found a guy who I liked and began a serious relationship with, Nathan.
Whe Craig finally came back, he was real angry. He knew that me and my husband had filed for divorce but I had started seeing another man. He called me at home one time and asked me, "Why are you doing this to me to us?" I pretended like I didn't know what he was talking about. I told him, "there is no us." He got real sad and said, "what do you want me to do then?" I told him, "date other people." He asked me, "this will make you happy?" I said, "Yes!" I introduced him to a friend of Nathan's, she was cute but a handful.
She calls me up one day to tell me that he is moving in with her to Maryland. I was glad but it didn't make sense, he hated Maryland. He called me later that night and said, "Ok, I have a girlfriend. Now what?" I didn't understand him, "I don't know Craig, get to know her better move on." He tells me, "Kayla, I have to talk to you, I need to know what happened that night." I would just get panicky and tell him no. Almost daily he would call me to complain about Patsy and say that he wanted to see me again. I would not tell him where I lived, but he eventually got my apartment phone number and would call that if he couldn't contact me via cell phone.
So him and my friend Patsy dated and then I would get calls from her and him about the relationship not working. So I was the mediator. She would call me to tell me that he was being a total jerk and he would call me to tell me that he missed me and didn't like Patsy. I kept telling them to try again. I finally get a call from Patsy and she is crying and saying that Craig was leaving her. He was moving out and she couldn't stop him. They had only been together for like 2-3 months.
I called up Craig and asked him what was going on and he told me, "she's crazy! I can't live with her not even for you. I'm done!" I was mad at him, "Craig you promised to try this time!" He said, "why can't we be like it used to be?" I would never let him finish and he said, "I need to talk to you Kayla please!"
Some time passes like two-three months and Patsy is still upset about Craig. She asks me to call him up and find out if we can all meet up at a bar in Virginia, where he was living again. I call him up and he says, "Are you coming too?" I said 'Yes, of course." He continued, "I'll only do it if you promise me you will talk to me about that night." I agree but I told him, "but you need to promise me that you will be nice to Patsy and show her a good time. Promise." He promised.
We show up at this bar in Virginia. I came with Nathan in tow and Craig was pissed off about that and showed it by saying, "You didn't tell me you were bringing him." I said, "You never asked." So we all sat in silence. After about 30 mins, Craig pulls on my arm and says, "You promised me a talk." I tugged my hand back and said, "you promised me you would be charming." And suddenly he was the most charming guy in the room, he had everyone laughing and it was a hoot. After about 30 mins, he tugged on my hand and said, "Ok, I kept my side of the bargain, now let's have that talk."
I told everyone we would be back. We went outside and as soon as he had me alone outside he had me pinned to the wall with both hands on either side of my head. He says, "You owe me an explanation of the day you ran out on me." Him talking to me so close to me, brought all the pain and humilation back to me. I said, "Craig, you know what happened!" He said, "Kayla, you know I how I feel about you." I said, "stop it! You know I was still married, you know I told you that I was trying to save my marriage. When I came home that night after seeing you, Jay saw all those bite marks and bruises on me and he wanted me to call the police! I wouldn't do it because I felt a loyalty towards you and I couldn't believe you had done that to me!" He leaned into me, "what did I do?!" I began to cry and said, "you tried to rape me Craig!" He was truly shocked and said, "No, I would never hurt you, I love you! I have loved you for a long long time. Everyone we hung out with knew I loved you, but I knew you were married so I waited. And then I heard from your roommate that you and Jay had talked about spliting up I thought that your marriage was over!" I said, "It could have been so different if you hadn't done that! Now I can't let my guard down with you, I can't trust you. You become this mean, spiteful person when you drink." He began to cry and said, "but I love you so much." I told him, "I can't love you because I can't trust you."
After this conversation, he left. Three months after that he moved to a different agency, and 6 months after that I heard he got married and moved to England.
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2016.01.28 19:46 The_Drider Researching for a build, looking for recommendations to build upon! ~2000$

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
Future plans for resolution/FPS: I'm currently running at 1080p60fps and I'm perfectly happy with it. However I could see myself going up to 120fps at some point in the future, so a GPU that can handle that would be great for future proofing.
CPU/GPU model: I'm only looking for Intel CPUs, I've got enough money to afford one and I generally prefer them. As for the GPU I'd prefer an NVIDIA GPU because I'm already familiar with its control panel, but I'm also open to AMD if there's a good reason to be.
HDD partitioning: I'm not really sure on how many how big HDDs (or SSHDDs) to get, so I'd love to hear your suggestions on this. Right now I'm thinking two 1TB ones, splitting the first into a C and D parition, and using the other one for Torrents. Or would it be better to just have three smaller ones with one partition each?
Will edit in additional info if anything comes to mind!
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2012.05.21 20:47 98447 I've been out of the loop: why, when installing GNU/Linux on devices such as cell phones and tablets, must I jailbreak them first?

On top of that, I usually have to install it on an already existing partition. Why can't I just set up my own paritions with cfdisk and install? I understand there's often a lack of keyboard for the install, but surely I could just do everything on another machine, then chroot into the device via usb and drop everything onto the disk.
On that note, are there any up to date tablets that I can do a full install on? I'd love to give Gnome Shell a go on a tablet/phone.
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